So What Do I Say To That? Week 3

Week 3: What Happens To Those Who Die and Never Hear The Gospel? Do They Go To Hell?

 Romans 1:18-3:31 (Read Romans 1:18—3:31 in the NLT version if possible)

This is a difficult question to answer to those who seem as if they don’t have a chance to go to heaven when it’s their time to die.

John 14:6-7; Jesus said “I am the Way” “No one comes to the Father except through Me”

Am- Masculine for Dominance

the- singular no other options

Hell- A place of complete separation from the One who has all power and authority to issue peace, life and joy and eliminate pain, tears and suffering

But the answer is YES for those who have not believed by faith the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It is the same result as those who have heard the gospel but refuse to accept it.

The only exclusion are for those who have not yet reached the age of accountability.  We are held accountable for the things in which we know is right and wrong. Small children do not comprehend what is “Good or bad” therefore God will not judge them based on things they couldn’t understand. The age of accountability varies from each person and it is until then will God judge them based on there choices in life (if we have faith in His Son Jesus). There is no scripture that declares a persons age of accountability.


How do you feel about knowing that you have family and friends who refuse the gospel?

How do you feel about knowing something that others don’t and yet we refuse to tell them, pursue them or don’t put forth any kind of effort for them to hear the message of the gospel? Eph. 5:1, Romans 10:14


What will you do to further the Kingdom to the unreached or the refusing?


We can partner with someone who is the contact with an unreached people group. Philippians 2:1-8


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