Choose This Day

Choose This Day Who You Will Serve

The beginning of a New Year can be the perfect time to establish some new habits and get rid of some old ones. We often use the start of a new year to try and encourage ourselves to do something or better ourselves in some way, so why not do it to better our walk with the Lord Jesus.


In the days of Joshua, under the leadership of Moses, the Lord had allowed the Israelites to conquer many different challenges and people of different kinds to be able to come and take over the land that God had promised to Abraham. He(God) didn’t have to do that for them, He could have just used whatever method He thought of to just run people off but instead the people of Israel had to get off their cans and face difficult times in order to receive the place that they had been promised. Along the way the people of Israel got complacent and spoiled to the fact that God was giving them victory over every thing that got between them and the promise land. Sometimes the had the audacity to stand against God and wanted to return back to when they were in slaved to the Egyptians, which in feeling this way, it cost them their lives and their opportunity to experience the promised land.

When Joshua came into the leadership position after Moses died, he along with the Generation of Jews that didn’t feel the way of their fathers, went, under the direction of God, and conquered the promised land.  Joshua spent the rest of his life being the leader of those under him and guiding those who were around him. He made the decision early in his life to set his heart toward the service and authority of God, and then continued in living that decision regardless of the circumstances that came up around him. At the end of his life he gave a lot of council to his family and to those who were around him in authority (all the tribes of Israel) and the council that he gave came straight from the Lord.  In that wisdom, he told them to choose, choose who they would serve


  • How many times do we say we will do something and actually do it?
  • How many times do we say we will do something and do it for a little while but then fade off to not doing it?
  • How many times do we say we will do something and never do it at all?
Joshua 24:14– Now therefor fear the Lord and serve Him in sincerity and in faithfulness. Put away the gods that your fathers served beyond the River and in Egypt, and serve the Lord.
How do we determine which God to serve?
How do we identify with the right one?
  • You Have To Recognize Who You Are and Who God Is
               Isaiah 6:1-7; Explains how when we come face to face with God, we immediately see the contrast of Him and ourselves.. His presence shows us that we are not worthy of Him, but just as the text shows us, when we identify who we really are. THEN we can have ourselves in the correct position to start our relationship with God that He really wants us to have.
  • You Have to Know Him on a Personal Level
                Luke 5:8; You can’t serve God with unclean lips, but if you tell Him that your lips are unclean, He then makes the way for that to be dealt with (in our case Jesus).  Just like a good doctor, God will tell you that you are sick and then tell you how to get the proper treatment.
  • Stand Up and Be Accounted For
              Joshua 24:15; Let it be known of the God you serve
GO and Tell
Know Your Role
Listen to God
Be Bold
Then, Disciple those who want what you have
Live a life worth living

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