Hope: The True Gospel of Jesus Christ

Is there Hope for me?


How many of us are they who feel hopeless?  You feel like there is no place for you in eternity With God in Heaven or you have totally screwed up so bad that there is no forgiveness for you.

For the past couple of weeks, we have looked at what the Bible described as Heaven and also Hell.  This week we will look to see if there is any Hope for someone in our state of being (full of sin and wickedness).


If we say that we have never been in the place of emotion of feeling hopelessness then we are all liars, or we don’t see the sin that is in our life like we should see it.


Since the fall in Gen 3, man has been moving further and further away from a relationship with God. We do not desire to live the way that God would have us to live and thus ruining the chances to have a relationship with Him and reaping the consequences, which is Hell.

God, being the Loving God that He is, did not want to have us separated from Him for eternity so, in knowing the outcome of those who can not enter into the Thrown Room of God, His PLAN was to come and give us a chance at spending the rest of eternity with Him.

First we have to look at the purpose of creation in the first place. God, did in fact, have a plan when He created everything.

Jeremiah 29:11, Revelation 4:11, Proverbs 16:4

From the beginning of creation God had a plan to receive glory to Himself from the creation itself, both good and wicked.  (If I created something like humanity, i would want it to bring glory to me so that it would not be a pointless creation).

As a part of the Master Plan, God had to redeem His creation to Himself due to the fact of sin.  Man could not do it on his own, we have to have someone do it for us.

This is where the Big Plan comes together.

So what is the big deal of Jesus Christ coming here to earth and dying and going to Heaven and then destroying what he created?  What’s the Hope in all of that?  The point is the fact that we don’t have to reap the consequences for our sin, and we have a Hope in the fact that this is complete and true.
The Resurrection is the most significant action to the believer because that is where the victory actually occurred. But the resurrection could not have taken place if the Birth of Christ had not taken place and that would not have occurred if creation with a plan had not happened.
We have Hope in the Person of Jesus Christ, in the Acts of Jesus Christ and most of all, in the Love of Jesus Christ.

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