Hell: The True Wrath of God

Broad is the Road that Leads To Destruction, Which Way Are You Headed?

Last week we looked at what the Bible said about the true Kingdom of God, Heaven.  This week we will look at what the Bible has to say about the real place called Hell.

The comment that the young man made that I mentioned last week was that it was “hot as Hell out here”.  When this statement was made I took it upon myself to confront, with love, and give some insight on a more accurate view of what Hell was really like.  His next statement was “I know what else is like Hell, a furnace” and he began to try and mock the stance I took.  The thing that bothered me so much was that this guy represents so many people when it comes to this subject because no one wants to hear about it and thus creating a void in their thought process that naturally deteriorates the true understanding of just how bad Hell actually is.


Now, we have to ask ourselves the question, “What is Hell and why was Hell created in the first place?  Answer: Hell is the place of torment for those who are impenitent. Hell was created for the devil and his angels due to the rejection of the power and authority of God the Almighty, but specifically for those who reject God the Almighty, His Word and His Son Jesus.

What are the different terms used to identify Hell? Hades (Luke 16:19) a holding place for the unrighteous dead, Gehenna (Matt 10:28) place of idolatry


If God is so loving, then why would He create a place of such horror and separation from Himself?

  1. In order for a Judge to be a good judge, justice has to be served. God is a Righteous Judge Ps 7:11
  2. God created us with a freewill and in order for freewill to have any kind of structure, there has to be choices. God says that if we choose Him then we will spend eternity with Him in Heaven but if we reject Him then we choose to be apart from God for eternity in Hell. Joshua 24:15, James 4:17Deut 30:19-20

We have to get off the fact that just because we don’t believe something doesn’t necessarily mean that it is completely false.  But God, knowing that we would have to be shown, did all the miraculous acts to prove the fact that He is God and we need Him to save us.


5 points we will look at are:

  1. Hell is a Place of Wrath Matt 3:12, Romans 2:8-11, 2 Thess 1:7b-8, Ps 7:11
  2. Hell is a Place Where God is Not Matthew 25:33-46
  3. Hell is for Anyone Who Does Not Believe By Faith In Jesus Christ Matthew 7:21-23
  4. Hell is a Place of Destruction 2 Thess 1:9– This does not mean annihilation, God will not create you, send you to hell to pay the punishment of your sins
  5. Hell is a Place of Torment/Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth Luke 16:28



  1. Hell is Not a Place of Time-Romans 2:9-11 Eternity was for everyone. In Heaven and Hell, everyone has an equal, timeless afterlife
  2. Hell is Not a Place of Sinlessness.  Gnashing of teeth is from the attitude of severe hatred toward God which escalates continuously
  3. Hell is Not a Place of Victory Matthew 25:41 If people are told to be cast into the depths of Hell, this would naturally mean there is no victory. When Jesus arose from the grave he defeated sin, which is why He didn’t stay dead.
  4. Hell is Not a Place of Light 2Peter 2:4 If God is not in heaven, then neither will there be light.
  5. Hell is Not Here on Earth- Hell is described as “outer darkness, place that burns with fire and sulfur.
So who will have to face this destruction? Titus 2:11, Romans 1:18-22
So, is there any hope? Romans 5:6-9

The word destruction is familiar to us. It means, properly, demolition; pulling down; the annihilation of the form of anything, or that form of parts which constitutes it what it is; as the destruction of grass by eating; of a forest by cutting down the trees; of life by murder; of the soul by consigning it to misery. It does not necessarily mean annihilation – for a house or city is not annihilated which is pulled down or burnt; a forest is not annihilated which is cut down; and a man is not annihilated whose character and happiness are destroyed.

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