Death Comes to All

Death is something that we are all guaranteed but usually pay little attention to.

The Bible tells us in Hebrews 9:27  that we are promised to die only once and then face the Judgment.

Today we will be looking at death: the different types and what they mean

4 types of death that the bible mentions:

  1. Physical Death: the end of physical life.
  2. Spiritual Death: Lack of Spiritual life
  3. The Second Death: The State of one who is not “Saved”
  4. Figurative Death: Using death as a descriptive term

Throughout the world, people claim to know what happens after the life of someone comes to an end. Some theories are: Heaven or Hell, reincarnation, cease to exist, purgatory, ghost/poltergeists, limbo, ect… I believe Heaven or Hell due to the credibility of the God who had declared either of the two for the outcome of mankind.

1. Physical Death: The end of physical life

a)     Caused by sin Romans  5:12

b)    Controlled by God  1Sam 2:6

c)     Happens only once, followed by the judgment Hebrews 9:27

d)    Is an enemy 1 Cor 15:26

e)     Is inevitable Ecc 9:5

f)      Gathered to one’s father or people Judges 2:10, Deuteronomy 32:50


2. Spiritual Death: Lack of Spiritual life

a)     Caused by a lack of regeneration (no spiritual rebirth/religious revival). 1 Cor 2:14

b)    Cured by regeneration (spiritual rebirth or religious revival)


3. The Second Death: The state of one who is not “Saved”

a)     Occurs after the Great White Throne judgment. Rev 20:11, Rev 20:15

b)    For those who lack the faith in Jesus Christ Revelation 21:8


4. Figurative Death: Using death to describe certain terms

a)     Death to self. 1 Cor 15:31

b)    Death to sin. Romans 6:11

c)     Being “dead” to something implies being unresponsive to it or that the thing has lost its power.

Death will overtake all of us (unless the rapture happens first). We must be ready when the time comes by making sure that we are saved and by making our lives count while we are still alive. WTYM

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