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Genesis: In the Beginning God…

NOTE: This series is currently on-going. We will be adding new podcasts for each lesson as they are taught, so keep checking back!

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An exposition of the book of Genesis as delivered to the high school Sunday School class at Whitefield Baptist Church.

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The Bible says that God is the Creator of theĀ Universe. Is this really true? Is there any scientific evidence? How did He do it, and why did He do it the way that He did? In this sub-series, we will be introduced to the incredible and awe-inspiring Doctrine of Creation.


    The Fall of Man

    When God finished His wonderful Creation, the Bible tells us that He rested. He walked in the Garden with Adam & Eve and had conversations with them. Until something terrible happened that ruined everything… we call it the “fall of man”. It is the answer to why there is evil, sickness, pain, and death in the world. It is also why the coming of Jesus Christ was so necessary. He eventually makes all things new again. Find out how it all went down in this sub-series as we introduce the Doctrine of Man.


      Marriage in Genesis

      After the Creation of the first Man (Adam) -and before his fall- God created something else that is often forgotten about: Marriage. It was God who saw that it was not good for Adam to be alone… and it was God who solved the problem. He created Eve -a “suitable helper”- and brought her to Adam. The imagery is similar to the wedding ceremony of today, where the father escorts his daughter down the aisle to present her to the groom. In this sub-series, we will see what Genesis -and the rest of the Bible- has to say about the Doctrine of Marriage.


        After Eden

        After the Fall, the moral situation of mankind began to decline exponentially. This sub-series follows the path from Cain and Abel to Noah and the flood; from the Covenant with Noah to the Tower of Babel. God intervenes all along the way to ensure the continuity of His Creation… with the goal of ultimately bringing about its Restoration.


          The Patriarchs

          At a very specific point in human history, God does something remarkable. He singles out a man named Abram and makes him a promise. This one man would eventually become the father of many nations and it would be through his lineage that God would accomplish his ultimate goal of Redemption. The Genesis narrative focuses on Abram and his offspring as the “Patriarchs” of a nation that God Himself would call His own. This sub-series follows the events surrounding the lives of these men & their families, their journey to the “Promised Land” and how God used them -in spite of their shortcomings- to accomplish His Will.

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            Election & Free Will

            It is impossible to study the lives of the Patriarch Jacob and his brother Esau without referencing the 9th chapter of Romans in the New Testament. The quote of God, “Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated.” has been a topic of much debate within the Church over the course of its history. The bulk of the conversation centers around the attempt of mankind to reconcile the Sovereign Will of God with the Free Will -and responsibility- of Man. Theologians like John Calvin, Jacobus Arminius, Luis de Molina, Augustine, etc. have all weighed in on how these two ideas can be simultaneously valid. In this sub-series, we will learn about the history of the debate… and weigh all of it against the ultimate authority in the matter: the Word of God.

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              Joseph & His Brothers

              The Patriarch Jacob (Israel) had 12 sons. The latter part of Genesis focuses on the lives of these men, who would eventually become the fathers of the 12 tribes of the nation of Israel, God’s chosen people. Even though the most important tribe -as far as Redemptive History is concerned- is that of his 4th son Judah, the vast majority of these chapters focus on his 11th son Joseph. In this sub-series, as we follow the life of Joseph, we will see how he was a “type” of Christ. We will learn how God uses Joseph to transform His people from a single, nomadic family in the land of Canaan, to an ethnic nation dwelling in the best of the land of Egypt.

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