So What Do I Say To That? Week 5

How can you Love people if Jesus said to hate your family? 



Before we can get into the specific scripture about the question, we have to always put the text into CONTEXT. This is very important.


Luke 14 begins after Jesus had wept over the fact that He had tried to go from town to town to show who He really was.

After this, on a Sabbath day, He went to eat at the house of a Pharisee and a lot of higher-up men were there and they watched Him intently just to try and catch Him at being something other than Who He made Himself out to be. So He questioned their beliefs and they would not answer. Then He attacked a stereotype and ruffled their feathers.


After He shut them down, He told 2 parables to them to set up His next point. THE COST OF DISCIPLESHIP;

The first parable was directed towards those who were invited to the banquet and it was told so that they/we would not place ourselves in a place of honor so that we wouldn’t look stupid if someone above us comes and we have to give them our seat and have to move. Jesus was watching how they acted and saw they cared more about “honoring themselves” than acting in a humble way. We should be humbled and sit at the lower seats and let the host be the one to place us so we would be honored in front of others. (Arrogance)

The next parable was directed toward the one who did the inviting to get him/us to see that we shouldn’t hold parties for those who will only benefit us. We should take care of those who can’t benefit us.

Both were told to show us that we should not be so selfish and that we should seek out opportunities to love other people.


Luke 14:25-33; Jesus states that in order for us to be classified as one of His disciples then we should “hate” everyone around us and those who are close to us.

This would be questioned from those who just look for any and every excuse to avoid the truth of what is required to be a follower of Christ.

How often are we focused on ourselves?

How often do we ask God what He wants us to do?

How often would we do what He tells us?

Jesus puts into perspective the fact that there are certain things we have to physically choose in order to be like Him.

How many of us want to be like Jesus?

Why? Would it be because He has power and authority and He can do cool things like walk on water and make His own wine etc., or would it be because we are just totally consumed with trying our best to live out the truth because we know it is Honoring to Him?

Jesus isn’t telling us to hate anyone. The English language in the text is misleading. So what is the original text?

OT word for “hate”- sane’ (saw-ney)= Gen 37:4; Joseph’s brothers saw that their father Jacob loved him more than them, they HATED joseph and could not speak peacefully about him—this definition of hate represents an emotion ranging from intense hatred to the much weaker set against and is used of persons and things. Usually to regards to the emotion of jealousy.

NT word for “hate”- miseo- (mis-eh’-o) = Luke 14:26 to detest or to LOVE-LESS. To summarize Miseo, it basically means to have a relative preference for one thing over another.

Now that we see what happens when we take the English translation and over conclude or misunderstand what the bible is trying to say we can begin to understand what it is that God requires of us.

1 John says that we love others because He loved us first.

The Word of God is not contradictory by any means.

Jesus is trying to help us understand the fact that if we love anything more than Him then we are not ready to be His disciple. We have to make it a clear point that we love Him more than anyone or anything. This includes or families, friends, stuff, school/education, jobs and even ourselves.

To be a disciple means that you will invest the necessary time to learn the exact traits of the teacher. And you live as an ambassador of that person, which means you would make decisions based on their way of thinking instead of yours.

When it doesn’t make sense, we should never disregard it and go on to the next item. We should always be ready to give a defense for the hope that is in us and have enough understanding of how to study the bible so that these minuet errors won’t lead anyone away from knowing the Lord Jesus.

You should now begin to really understand why it is so important to study you bible and ask the questions that you don’t know the answer to and to place yourselves in the environment of the right people who can give you the clarity you would need to have a clear understanding of what God desires for us and from us.

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